Need an android networking library

I am writing a pure native application for android/ios and am having trouble with the networking code. I can’t seem to get curl to compile, and either way I’d prefer to have a more object oriented library.

What is a good library to do this with or method? My current method to get json from HTTP Requests is this code using SDL2_Net


class HTTPRequest{
	std::map<std::string, std::string> uris;
	std::string url;

	std::string host;

	HTTPRequest(std::string path) : url(path), host("") {}

	void addURI(std::string parameter, std::string value){
		uris[parameter] = value;

	std::string sendRequest(bool useCookie=false){
		std::string temppath = url;
			temppath += '?';
			for(auto &a : uris){
				temppath += a.first;
				temppath += '=';
				temppath += a.second;
				temppath += '&';
		IPaddress* addr = new IPaddress;
		SDLNet_ResolveHost(addr, host.c_str(), 8080);
		TCPsocket sock = SDLNet_TCP_Open(addr);
		std::string a = "GET ", b = " HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n";
		std::string c = a+temppath+b;
		SDLNet_TCP_Send(sock, c.c_str(), c.length());
		std::string d;
		char* buf = new char[1024];
		while(SDLNet_TCP_Recv(sock, buf, 1024) > 0){
			d += buf;
			delete[] buf;
			buf = new char[1024];
		delete[] buf;
		int p = d.find("{");
		d.erase(0, p-1);
		return d;

This breaks on large pages though.