Need help installing SDL for Win7 working with MinGW compile

I have a working C program using SDL that I developed on Ubuntu machine using gcc compiler. I want to convert it to run in Win7. I haven’t used Windows much in the last few years. Just to start I need to get SDL library for WIN7 and header file installed and hooked up on this Win7 machine . I have my C compiler up and running fine.

I downloaded and unzipped a zip file from the SDL site but I think it is for source code. Do I need source code to do this? I’m hoping what I need is something simpler. Just the development files package instead? And then getting SDL library installed in the right folder. I use MinGW gcc compiler and C language with SDL for graphics. Idon’t know anything about C++ or MSVC++. I need help getting SDL library set up on this Win7 machine.

TIA. Bill S.