Need some help for compiling app on Qtopia (Zaurus)

Hi, everybody.

I want to port my program to Zaurus C860, and I’m looking for ways to do it.

Actually, I tried cross-compiling on cygwin environment, but failed.
And I’ve been trying on linux, but there’s a problem.

QTopia SDK distributed by trolltech seems to depend on gcc 2.95, and only I have
is 3.2.

So I’m following this article now.
But I’m wondering it can solve my problem.

What I want are…

  1. to compile my SDL program on x86-linux and run it on qvfb.
  2. to cross-compile my SDL program and run it on real Zaurus.

Is there a brief way to accomplish this?
In other words, is there another neat and new packages to do it?
Or even just clear manual for it.