New C#/.NET bindings for SDL: SDL.NET 2.0.0b1 and Tao.Sdl-2004-11-03

SDL.NET is an object-oriented .NET wrapper for the SDL gaming library. The
binary and source can be downloaded from the SDL.NET website

SDL.NET provides higher level functionality that builds upon the Tao.Sdl

.NET library. The Tao.Sdl project provides low-level C# bindings to the

SDL library - basically every C function is mapped to a .NET method. Both

libraries can be downloaded from the SDL.NET website. The official Tao

website is at, but it is currently under


Several examples are provided with the SDL.NET code, including a CD player

demo and the trusty OpenGL Gears demo.

Both libraries are CLS-compliant so they can be used with any language

that targets the .NET runtime (C#, VB.NET etc).

Both libraries are still in beta stage.

Any feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated.


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