New C++ SDL game

Hi! I am new here, and i want to present a game from me:

My second SDL game with C++: Wolf’s Mario Battle
(My first one was Snake)

Its a small game, in which 2 Players fight against each other.

I want to hear your opinion about the game. And of course bug reports.

Here is the Download link:

it would be nice, if you try it out.

it is very nice, i like it, i like the battle system it is very logical and funny:) but i found some bugs:( may be they are not bugs… lets tell them… :
1-maps generated randomly, okay, but sometimes mario or luigi getting jammed between that blocks and i cant move them to anywhere.
2-sound file’s MBs are too much for this game, yes musics good but it tooks about 30 mb… but this is not a problem:)

consequently, good job wolf633:) by the way, can you send me your first game’s link? i wonder about it:)

Thanks! Yes i know the first bug. Maybe ill fix it.

To the second one: Yes it’s really large. I have to take other music and pictures.

My first game was Snake. So i think you know how it is. It was very simple and without any collision functions. But the bad one is: The game MUST be started in the console, so i din’t uploaded this. I can give you the source code and the media from it, if you want to have it.

yes i want to see codes, i think it will teaches me something, it will be helpful even maybe i can’t compile it:) but no problem, i want to examine because i’m very new about programming, i have to see a lots of example and i have to do lots of programs on my own, that will improve me:) i you can send me your snake code, i’m waiting for it:)


Have a look; Have Fun! :smiley:

I must add: The console outputs are german and i didn’t changed this. But i hope you understand the code.

hey thank you:) i’ll check it:)