New demo

I have made this demo as an exercise in using your SDL (a really cool
library!). It is a simple and fast plasma-like effect.

Very cool. I added it to the demos archive.
Would you like to write a README file for it?
I have attached it (formatting and corrections are welcome, English is not
my native language).

What are the copying restrictions on it? GNUware? Shareware? Freeware?
It is only a 3Kb demo, GNU GPL would be too much for it. Consider it
public domain.

Thanks again for coding SDL.

P.S.: Thank you also for GravityWars (many hours of fun for me and for my
friends) !
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Plasma demo by Bini Michele <@Michele_Bini>, Aug 1998. Public domain.
Coding time: ~5 hours.


  • timing (currently the demo only runs at full speed).
  • better support for non-palettized displays?
  • mmx optimizations? (the main task of the code is summing three tables,
    and mmx instructions could help).On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Sam Lantinga wrote: