New GridSlammer Release

Greetings SDL Developers,

A new version of the GridSlammer toolkit is out. The
following message is copied from the announcement I just
posted to the gridslammer-dev mailing list. Visually,
not much has changed in the Droidwar reference game,
this new release is really about improvements in the
underlying GridSlammer code.

After much delay, I am finally releasing version 0.6a of
Droidwars and the GridSlammer toolkit. You can download the
archive from the usual places:

I have not yet had time to create the Windows/ZIP versions of
the file, but will do that within a day or two. The primary
addition to this version is a new GridTile class. The code
also includes a bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements, as
well as more source code comments. Also, the Windows target
now builds and runs again.

Several new features are under development and should be
included in the upcoming 0.7a release. These include:

  • The image cache will be loaded from individual image files
    instead of one big file.
  • The tile cursor routines will be completed.
  • Sound will fall off with distance.

Inclusion of those features will put us within spitting distance
of a 1.0b release. Basically I will just need to create a
GridPanel and GridMenu class, convert GridsSlammer into a library,
and call it good. Of course Droidwars will need some more work
to show off all of these cool features… but nothing too
complicated. The most time consuming work will be creation of
new tile and character graphics, sound effects, and so on.
Fortunately, my girlfriend is a graphic artist, so help is
available for some of that. Furthermore, I am back to working
for only one consulting client, so the software releases might
actually happen a little more frequently again.

Please try out this release and let me know about any bugs
you find.


Thad Phetteplace