New Member & Tux4Kids

Hi everyone. I didn’t notice that the SDL digest had started arriving in
my mailbox for a few days, and have only just now found the digest where
people answered my “New Member” post.

Thanks to everyone for the info about animated gifs. I’ll just have to
do that by hand.

Bill Kendrick, I was interested in seeing that you post here. I was
planning that my first SDL program was going to be a simple program to
teach pre-schoolers the alphabet and the first steps in reading (single
syllable words) using phonics. (I have a 4 year old, who loves tux paint
second only to frozen bubble). Even before joining this list I was
thinking that if I made this program smooth enough, that I could
approach you to have it included as part of the tux4kids project.
Possible? My present kids programs are in Java, and (mis)use too much
copyrighted stuff downloaded from the internet. But, I’m building up a
library of original vector graphics (cheap 'n cheerful) for something
that I plan to release.

Are there any other, erm, kids software projects in the OSS community
that would be interested in such a program?



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