New release of SDLJoytest

Hello all!
I’ve finally gotten around to migrating the SDLJoytest code to OpenGL.
There is a beta release on

No more background images.
No more resolutions (although the resolution selection is still there)
No more need for SDL_Image
New requirements are: libGL and libGLU (I’m using the nVidia variants)
Much more smooth. and fast. and better looking.
*Note: There are many bugs still, if you find one PLEASE report it.

Also I am still working on the autoconf/automake files for this.
If anyone can suggest a good set of docs, that would be great.
(I’ve got the book on autoconf but its slow-going and unfamiliar)

if you have problems building make sure you’ve got the GL stuff in order
the Makefile looks in /usr/X11R6/lib and /usr/X11R6/include

also: if you want to change the install prefix, make sure you do so in the
makefile AND in joytest.h–
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