New SDL page

I decided to put together a little page about SDL that will be useful for
people cross compiling for Win32. There are precompiled binaries for
SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net and SDL_ttf, and a skeleton Autoconf /
Automake project along with directions on how to use it.

The .dll’s should be able to be used by people using VC++, although I have
not tested this.

I ran into an interesting problem that I could not solve while trying to
compile SDL_mixer with smpeg support. smpeg cross compiles and installs
fine for Win32. But for some reason, SDL_mixer will not properly detect it.
I looked at the configure.log, and it’s some strange error about SDL_main()
having the wrong number of arguments. If someone could tell me how to solve
this problem, or release a patch, I would be very appreciative.

David Phillips <@David_Phillips>