New version of 'zstella' for Zaurus

I tweaked my SDL/Zaurus target of Stella (the Atari 2600 game console emulator)
a little more this evening. (Yikes, it’s 3am again!)

Changes include:


* [R] = Reset
* [S] = Select

* [C] = Color
* [B] = Black-and-White

* [1] / [2] (eg, [Fn]+[Q] / [Fn]+[W]) = Player 1 Difficulty A / B
* [3] / [4] (eg, [Fn]+[E] / [Fn]+[R]) = Player 2 Difficulty A / B

([X] is still Exit)


* Fixed for rotated mode. (Was previously still reading mouse/stylus
  X coordinate)

(Tapping/dragging still causes paddle trigger.  This needs to change)

GUI console interface:

* I found a photo of a 2600 and cropped the console switches,
  rotated it, made it 40x320, and saved it as BMP.

  No code has been written.

(The idea here is to provide an on-screen method of quitting
(tap the power switch), setting difficulty, color and B/W, and pushing
Reset and Select… and maybe tapping the cartridge slot could return to
the front-end launcher?!)

Qtopia Frontend Launcher:

* I've created a cute little 'Z-Stella' icon based on a photo of
  an Atari 2600 cart., and a photo of an Atari 2600 and controllers.

  No code has been written.

(Stephen suggested his KDE/Qt front-end to Stella, KStella, may be
portable to the Zaurus...)


* I updated my little blurb/info. about the patch, and running
  Stella ('zstella') on the Zaurus.

For the whole shebang, just go to:

It’s not IPK’d still. (No front-end GUI kind of makes this useless at
the moment. Also - can someone explain the best way for an IPK to install
new MIME types and icon images into Qtopia!?!?)

Get the pre-compiled version from the ‘builds’ subdir.

I need to sleep now. Sorry I didn’t get a new release of XSC, my FAQ,
or that port of sdl-Doom I promised. I decided to wander around town putting
up flyers for this weekend’s Linux demo my LUG is holding. :^)