New Work on Perl Bindings

Hi folks,

The perl bindings for SDL had been dead for over a few years. In the last
three month we have managed to fix up the old to just work. We made or last
release of the old API just yesterday.

Parallel to that we have redesigning or API to match SDL 1.2.14 as closely
as possible. This next release is beign worked on the redesign branch here

We have got video functions and structures done for the most part. We are
working on events now.

Most of our code is in C and XS (Perl’s backend to C). We also write tests
for each one of the function we bind.

In the future we would like to get our XS potted or interfaced to Parrot and

If anyone is interested in helping out we are here

sdl-devel at and #sdl on

Kartik Thakore