(newbie) Some SDL questions

As a test of how to work with SDL, I’ve been writing an AVI player…
… and found some interesting problems
-> As sound is multithreaded I coded a tiny ringbuffer system
to refill the audio… Uses mutexes and conditions
to handle locking and notification of changes in data.
Anyways, if I have audio enabled + video enabled, the first
audio locks the application.

Video and audio both work on their own.

(linux/fb and linux/XF86 4.0/3dfx banshee)

I don’t get this.
Oh, I don’t do any threading myself, just what SDL does
automatically with sound. Also, I do the lock/unlock semantics with the
video if MUSTLOCK is enabled (I have a start and end proc run for every
audio frame and every video frame… This makes locking easier :slight_smile:

I haven’t (yet) seen anything to cause this… should I look into
splitting video off into a seperate thread?
… Oh, I do SDL_Init(SDL_VIDEO) and Sdl_INIT(SDL_AUDIO) [or whatever]
seperately - can this affect things? I’ve got them in seperate classes.

Oh, it’s written in pretty much 100% C++. No stdc++ bits other than I use
string<wchar_t> a wee bit in some of the file management code.

Again, all of this works on it’s own. Just not when put together…

And the other questions:
-> OpenGL and Windows - how?
(cygwin32/SDL says no. And didn’t compile last time I
tried [fresh cygwin last month])
(I’d like to port to windows)

-> hrm.  Anyone else working on multimedia streaming?
-> Anyone think an AVI player with modular CODEC support
	might be any use?  (I'm prolly going to build a CORBA-
	based CODEC library and see if I can't get some of xanim's
	codecs operating too, but I'm not holding my breath :)
(I'm also looking into ASF as well but not holding breath - specs
	dissappeared last month off micro$oft's site)
(and quicktime - this looks more duable.  linux-quicktime doesn't
	really scale well in some ways)

And a bizarre question : I have a working 3dfx/banshee version of glide
under fb/linux. (not well, but works). Any suggestions on how to prod
mesa into going accel? :slight_smile: I have yet to get any ideas from anyone
(including Mesa folks) and I’m not sure how to approach this. According
to them actually, glide/banshee doesn’t work under fb. See above :slight_smile:
</offtopic. And yah, GGI folks will recognise this Q.>

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Winterlion [or Teunis] … wandering off. Thanks all!–
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