Newbie with Borlands Turbo 4.5

I have written a practice SDL based game in Linux and happily compiled
and linked with
SDL 2.0 and want to make a windows executable, I have Borlands Turbo
C++ 4.5 installed in win98 and am not sure of which of the Windows
development libraries to download and install. Also if anyone has or
does use this compiler version if there are any special considerations I
must make, assuming SDL will work with Borlands Turbo C++ 4.5. I have
the run time libraries but am unsure whether to include these within the
game directory (statically (I think)) or dynamically, if dynamically
where should they be placed.

I apologize for the basic nature of the questions but I am a little
stuck when it comes to windows as I have used Linux for most of my
programming almost from day 1 :slight_smile:
Damian Brasher