Next TuxPaint available

Tux Paint, 2002.07.07 release, now includes some simple shapes available
in the shape tool. (I’m working on squishing the bugs in the filled shape
code, so for now, only the outline shapes are available.)

Using the shape tool goes like so:

Click to start a shape.
Keep clicking and drag to change the size/shape of the shape.
Let go of the button.

Move the mouse to rotate the shape (now locked into it’s size/shape)

Click the mouse to complete - the shape is drawn!

Also, it now supports Save and Open! (No filenames, of course.
And, so far, no file ‘descriptions.’ I may just never do that, to keep
the interface as simple as possible.)

Click “Save” to save the image.

If you’ve saved this image before, you’ll be prompted whether you wish to
save over the old version, or just save a new picture.
(I may make a runtime command-line, or compile-time #define, to disable
the prompt, to make the interface even easier for the youngsters.)

Click “Open” to open a saved image.
Select the image from the scrollable collection of thumbnails!
(Or, click the red “X” to abort and go back to your picture.)


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