No HTML please [was Re: SDL vs CDX and others]

Please turn OFF your html. I can’t read your messages at all, and HTML
belongs to web pages, not email… In Netscape you can go to
Edit/Preferences/Mail&Newsgroups/Formatting. In IE, well, you can
download Netscape… :slight_smile: Thanks.> “bucher.olivier” wrote:

As the Object suggest it i have some words about SDL Win32 version and
CDX which is a lib on top of DirectX…

Well recently i decided to do some multi-platform coding. I’ve found
SDL and decided to use it. But when i did some heavy tests, like
blitting 4 320x240 pics on a 640x480 screen, the FPS told me something
like 15-20 !!

I was not sure if my way of coding was efficient so i download CDX and
port the code to it. Result : 45 FPS (with vertical sync wait), 89 FPS
(without) !!

So my question is simple : where are the 25 ( = 45 - 20) frames
missing from SDL ??
And remember Both SDL and CDX codes are nearly the same on the same