No key/mouse input under X

Hello all,

I am having an odd problem with SDL under X. When running in full screen
mode, I lose all mouse or keyboard input. I can kill the X session with
Ctrl-alt-Backspace, but the fullscreen SDL app does not see any input
events. It works fine as a window. It also works fine running on the
console framebuffer… but not when I am running as root, only as a
normal user. Weird. I’ve looked through the FAQ and mailing list
archives but did not find the answer, so any help you can provide would
be most appreciated.

Are you hiding and grabbing the mouse?
Try disabling DGA mouse by setting the environment variable

On a side note, the app I am building is a fullscreen MP3 player for
driving a linux based floor standing jukebox. The outer styling is
intended to look like a cross between a classic wurlitzer and an
alien artifact (ala H.R. Giger). I’ll post a picture on the web
when it is finished.

Very cool. :slight_smile:

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software