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I created issue 03.01.22: [enhancement] RGB24 and palette with transparent for PNG saving · Issue #206 · libsdl-org/SDL_image · GitHub
And… no replies
I made a pull request 08.01.22 to fix problem: fix #206 (png-saving for RGB24 and palette with transparent) by TrueCat17 · Pull Request #209 · libsdl-org/SDL_image · GitHub
And also no replies - today, 15.01.22

Looks like the issue is resolved & the changes are merged.

But only after this post
See dates

A two week open->merge turnaround time for a pull request is relatively quick. Don’t assume people are intentionally ignoring you or will miss your issue if you don’t hear back for a few days – things get prioritized without explicitly commenting on it all the time, and especially during release timeframes. SDL 2.0.20 was released just a few days ago.

Plus, you aren’t paying for customer support or anything like that. SDL is an open source project which runs on the timetable of its authors and contributors rather than an individual user’s.

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