NuGet package library path question


I have a question about NuGet package. I’ve tried using the package because … well it’s available. When I added the package into the project, the include files are recognized immediately. However when I build, Visual Studio complains about missing an entry point. Then I added the library file. This time I got the lib file not found error.

So, what is a good way to setup the library path when I’m using NuGet package ? I can’t find the proper variable and I don’t want to added the path inside the package manually.

An extra question: What’s the different between sdl2 and sdl2.v140 packages ? which one is prefer ?

It turns out to be a complete different problem. The thing is I get the ‘no entry point’ error in VC++ and I tried to add the SDL2main.lib into the project. Later I found that the SubSystem is not define. Once I changed to “Windows”, it builds properly.