NVidia OpenGL performance problems (Alex Szpakowski)

Hi Alex,

The output of glGetString(GL_RENDERER) is indeed “GDI Generic”, so you I
agree with you that it seems to be Microsoft’s software renderer doing the

You’ll have to excuse my late reply. Since my own computer has a radeon, I
have to send a friend the executables and ask him to run it on his nvidia
and send me the log files. As I’ve mentioned earlier, his computer has the
necessary Nvidia drivers for OpenGL 4.4, so to me it doesn’t make sense why
the application would prefer the software renderer.

Thank you,
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That would indicate that it?s using MIcrosoft?s software renderer rather
than your nvidia GPU. What does the result of glGetString(GL_RENDERER)
output when you run your program?

On Jul 29, 2014, at 1:51 PM, Werner Stoop <@Werner_Stoop> wrote:

On the NVidia machines, glGetString(GL_VERSION) reports OpenGL version
1.1.0 (whereas on my Radeon box it reports “4.1.10600 Compatibility Profile

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