Odd request - SDL Win programmer in Sacramento area?

DGDC, the Davis Game Design Club, is a new little club in Davis California
that’s dedicated to the design and creation of computer and video games.

A number of our projects have decided that SDL is the way to go when it
comes to creating portable apps. Because of this, our club’s third General
Meeting is on the topic of compiling programs written in SDL.

So far, I’m the only person who has volunteered to speak during this meeting
(which, BTW, is this Saturday, April 8th), and I only know how to compile
stuff under Linux.

So, I was wondering if the world truly IS a small one after all, and
there was anyone in the Davis, California (ie, Yolo / Solano / Sacramento
areas) who has SDL know-how under Windows.

(obviously getting desparate)

PS - Info on DGDC’s at: http://dgdc.clued.org/