[OFF-TOPIC] MPEG4: Facial Action Parameters


As in this list there is a lot of people involved in 3D graphics I think

maybe somebody can help me …

I’m looking for some source code or application free or commercial
for decoding MPEG-4 Facial Action Parameters and show the results
in a rendered face … Somebody can point me in the right direction?

Maybe is less offtopic if I can make what I want: I’m working on
face tracking (and in the near future gesture analisys) and I’m planning

to move my software to SDL+Paragui+OpenGL. So it is going to be
a plus to have a 3d model of a face moving as the real face does in the
video stream. I want to use MPEG4 FAPs to guide the facial animation.

Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for the off-topic.–

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