[Off topic] Re: Joke of the week

The joke of the week on the SDL site at the moment reminds me of
a joke I played on a physics undergrad about 13 years ago when I
was one myself…

We had a network of BBC micros (6502-based, simple ‘econet’ protocol
between them all, with minimal security). I was playing around with
the networking possibilities (taking over other people’s screens and
keyboards, monitoring other people’s screens etc. But only between
friends of mine, we were all doing it.)

I wrote some code to do the equivalent of an ‘rsh’, so I could send
a local executable down the network and run it on the remote
machine. There was a (pretty good, for the time) speech synthesizer
available for the BBC micro (you can see where this is going :slight_smile:

Anyway, my “victim” came into the lab to write up her report - sweet
girl who wasn’t as up on computers as me, and I typed into my BBC


Which made the machine say ‘HELLO’ in a very computer-like voice. I
should mention that there were only 4 or 5 of us in the lab at the
time, and I heard a from two rows down. Anyway, she seemed
to pause for a time, then must have decided she’d imagined it or
something, and I heard her start to type.

So, next I made the machine next to me monitor her screen so I could
see what she was typing, and sent another:


The typing stopped.


Wonder of wonders, on the screen appeared “I like you” :-)) immediately
followed by a syntax error, of course :slight_smile:

The “conversation” went on for about 5 minutes, before I just couldn’t
contain myself, and collapsed, laughing on the floor. At that point I
think she became suspicious , walked over, and the game was up.

Despite all of that, we actually became friends. She got me back about
3 months later (after I’d let my guard down a bit :slight_smile:

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