(Off Topic) Recommendations for messaging between processes?

processes ?
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Hello, I have been writing a game engine for to teach myself about SDL
for quite a while now. The engine has reached a level of complexity
that I feel it would be beneficial to have a external debugging
program to aid in development. More precisely I would like to be able
to pause/unpause the game and track objects [and their variables]
without too much extra coding effort.

I’ll probably be writing the debugging application in python, but
thats not terribly relevant to the question. My question is how should
implement inter-process communications ? What libraries could I use to
achieve communication in-between two programs quickly and painlessly ?
(SDL_Net, Sockets, D-Bus, etc …) Development is almost exclusively
on Linux so I don’t care if it would break cross platform

If anyone has some words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated.

Jason White

I scratched out a rough implementation of the *nix fork/exec idiom
that results in a SDL_RWops structure (it even returns stdin/etc. to
their pre-‘spawn’ states).

It requires some work (e.g. SDLPIPE_TYPEID is completely invalid), and
I never actually tried to compile it (I’m currently using Windows, and
haven’t even bothered to look up it’s equivalent yet), but if you want
then I’ll post the file online under the same license as SDL 2. Be
warned that I’m currently unwilling to provide support for it
(fortunately it’s a pretty small file, so that shouldn’t be a
problem).> Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 20:56:08 -0400

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