Ok, I must be doing something wrong

I have a question, I’m sorry to email you directly, as this stuff belongs on
the list, but I feel really dumb here. Last night, I finally quit planning on
writing stuff, and actually started writing stuff! I have used one of the
test files as an example to build from, and altered it’s makefile accordingly.
I was doing some simple file io, and it wouldn’t compile… seems it couldn’t
find fstream.h. Strange that is standard c++ right… right, so I manually
included /usr/include/g++ and tried again… after a few pages of errors, I was
beginning to suspect that I am complete mortal, and that SDL is based entirely
on C, not c++. Is the c++ stuff I have seen just wrapper stuff? or am I doing
something horribly wrong.

p.s. I hadn’t really used any SDL stuff at the point I had reached, except
for the altered makefile._
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