Only Latest created context works

Hello, im kind of new in this forum so sorry if im doing anything against the rules(somehow)

Well my problem is as the title says, the latest created context is the only one that is working like if i create 2 windows and a context for each then only the latest created window is rendered to why the other(the first window) only has the clear color.

I tried using the latest context on both windows and that works but thats really not what im trying to do i want two different context to render to.
And yes I am using the SDL_GL_MakeCurrent.

Please if you dont understand my problem do this.
Use sdl 1.3, create 2 windows and each windows with its own context and then try to render to both.
If that works then send me that sample ;D
if not then there is a bug in sdl 1.3(which i hope not0)