OnPause Andriod SDL 1.2 issue

Hey Dudes,

I finally finishing porting my my tank game from SDL_surface(SDL GFX) to OpenGL ES 1.1
Finally fixed the scaling issue with OpenGL, which couldn’t really be fixed with SDL 1.2. Speed is now 60fps+ using 32bit textures vs SDL surface 35fps 8bit textures.

If I exit the game it keeps going and when I get back in I have no inputs? I asked this question before, people suggested SDL 2.0. But I have no clue on SDL 2.0 I’m familiar with SDL 1.2

I’ve been reading on the internet to use native activity if the phone is Android 2.3 and up? Navtive-activty.? Anyone? have an success with with on-pause and SDL 1.2?
I currently put it system.exit when it executes onpause.

// Events
protected void onPause() 
	  Log.v("SDL", "onPause()");

protected void onResume() 
	Log.v("SDL", "onResume()");