Openal & SDL cooperation


I already use SDL in a project of mine for graphism and simple sound
and it’s really great, thanks to Sam Lantinga.
Now I recently discovered openal (by Loki too) for 3D sound, it works
great too.

Now what I would like to know is: how are those two libraries going to
cooperate if I use them in the same project, possibly playing sound at
the same time with both? Is there some way to have openal use SDL for
sound output? is there a risk of conflict between the two librairies
trying to open the sound device at the same time (my project is
multi-platform by the way)?

What I would like to have is SDL_mixer for simple samples content and
possibly openal for some part of the project with 3D sound…

Any comment on the suggested would be appreciated.–
S?bastien Sabl? <Sebastien.Sable at>