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I’m working on a project I’m calling OpenGDK, or Open Game
Development Kit. It is a library that contains a large set functions
commonly needed by game coders, but not specifically tied to any particular
game type. The library abstracts all OS-specific functionality, so it could
be rewritten for other platforms without requiring any modification to the
game code itself.

The following features are already incorporated and working:

    Command line argument evaluation and path return
    Quake-style console that uses a callback for custom display
    Debug window output
    Dialog box output (might remove this - might not be portable)
    Event-style input handling
    Input reciever stack
    Basic sound (can change volume, pan, frequency)
    Exception handling
    File I/O
    Safe memory operations (these might only be used internally)
    Resource cache management (game resources, not win32 resources!)
    Timing functions

    UDP and TCP/IP networking are already working in a separate test

application and will be incorporated soon. We’re running the recieving
sockets in a separate thread, so I’d appreciate any comments on this. I
thought it would be the best way to decouple the graphics and networking,
but non-blocking sockets may be a viable alternative. Please advise?

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Talking about game development toolkits etc, I’ve written a 16 bit library for graphix that
is VERY easy to use (it’s pretty much portable to any OS however, it 's NOT endian
independant, although I still haven’t added the bresenham scaling to it yet yes, I’m
, it’s fast and easy to use, gives beginner SDL’s a quick and simple and consistent
api to start out with, it’s avaliable here:>

Garett Bass
DogEatDog Entertainment
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When we talk about what everybody does…
I’m writing an OO - GUI-Library based on the SDL for my Iso3D - Client
(sigh, a friend of mine thought I would never get so far as to write one line
of client-code…)

It took long, but now I think its in a stadium where I can ask some people to
join… If I want someone to join, do you know, where I can find such people?

If you are interested, look at