OpenGL ES video backend (iPhone, wince,symbian)


I wrote some time ago a small wrapper to use openGL ES on windows ce device
with WTL framework and I think it would be
very interesting for SDL to add support for this backend.
Do you plan to do it ?
It would allow to easily developp on wince/symbian/iPhone in windowed and
fullscreen mode.
For now I dont’ know very well SDL structure so if I should add support for
it should I create a
new folder ogles and a file SDL_oglesvideo.c or should I use existing
opengl files and try to add
opengl es :

#if SDL_VIDEO_OPENGL would become

#if defined(SDL_VIDEO_OPENGL) || defined(SDL_VIDEO_OPENGLES)
Personnally I prefer the first solution because too many #ifdef makes code
less clean.

From the WTL code, do you think it would be difficult to implement this ?


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