OpenGL in fbcon

Hi everyone.

I have some questions and hope some of you can ( and would like :slight_smile: to
answer me.

  1. How can i (or is it possible to) start SDL/OpenGL program in
    framebuffer console ? I don’t want to start X just to show spinnig
  2. I see that the fbcon driver in SDL-1.2.4/5 does not have OpenGL
    initialisation part . Will there ever be such code ?
  3. Can i use some combination of SDL, GGI(it’s fbcon driver) and
    Mesa3d to make SDL/OpenGL programs run in console ?
  4. Am i the only one trying to use SDL/OpenGL in console ? I’v found
    only one such question in the net and the answer was - tell us if you
    find something :))