OpenGL is running slowly - same here

Hmmm, I was going to post almost the same message. I digged some code I
wrote a couple of months ago, and for some reason, it doesn’t look
accelerated at all. It’s yet another Q3 BSP renderer which used to get
50+ FPS and now gets around 0.5 (Athlon XP 1800+)

I have a GeForce4 MX 440. I ldd’ed the executable and it seems to be
linked with what it must be linked. “tunnel” and “teapot” do look
hardware accelerated, though. Could this be a SDL problem? I’m using

I tried passing different values to SDL_SetVideoMode (0, 16, 24 and 32
fullscreen and windowed) and I don’t get any hardware acceleration. The
recent change I made was installing SDL 1.2.6. Do I need to set any
environment variable to get hardware acceleration? Besides looking at
screen, how can I be sure about whether OpenGL is being accelerated or


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Hey, new member here, big question. let me just go through the basic
that I want you to know before I ask my question.

  1. Using SDL for OpenGL runs program very slow.
  2. Using GLUT for OpenGL run program fine.
  3. When SDL does OpenGL, event-handling is extremely slow.
  4. I want GLUT, because it works, but I want to use event handling of
    SDL. 5. To do 4., I must open an SDL rendering context and the GLUT
    (keyboard handling)

That’s the basics. I am trying to port my Windows programs to Linux I’m
GLUT to render the screen. I want SDL to handle keyboard, sound, timers,
all that. Keyboard event handling, though, is bundled with video, so I
to initialize video and SDL_SetVideoMode() to get keyboard handling. Is
any way I can speed up OpenGL with SDL or get GLUT and SDL to work

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