Opinion was: Re: Portability versus the "Gee Whiz" factor

Steven James Stapleton wrote:

I’d think about buying it, but…

-opinion here-

why not have it be able to run in both? there are commercial games that
attempt that.

For me the answer is that I don’t like the trade offs. If the game is
designed so that it can be run reasonably using software rendering, why
bother with hardware rendering? The difference in rendering capacity
between even a poor 3D card and a fast CPU is large enough to force the
game to be designed for software rendering. That effect the object
count, the number of visible polygons, the choice of HLHSR algorithms,
the quality of the base art, the complexity of levels, and many other
things I haven’t listed. It just isn’t easy to design a game that looks
good and is playable under software rendering that really takes
advantage of hardware rendering.

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