OS X 10.6 Porter Wanted For Finished Game!

OS X 10.6 Porter Wanted For Finished Game!


My team and I have finished our next game called:
LettersFall 3

The game is currently released for both Linux and Window
and we were hoping someone could port it to Mac OS X ?

Game uses the following:

  • SDL 1.2
  • SDL_image
  • SDL_mixer
  • SDL_ttf
  • OpenGL

The source is written in C++ and is cross-platform.
Just need someone to build it on their OS X and make the App Bundle.

If your interested, please e-mail me at JessePalser GMail com

You can grab the source here:
(above also includes a MakeFile to build on any Linux)

You can grab the official Windows version here:

Here are some screenshots:
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/LF3/images/LF3-Title.png ] [Image: http://16bitsoft.com/files/LF3/images/LF3-InGame.png ]------------------------
JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
Video Game Design Studio