OS X framework installation

I sent a couple mails this weekend, but I guess they’re still waiting
for moderator approval. Please disregard them, as this should be more

I’m trying to build an SDL app (http://netpanzer.berlios.de) from the
shell (i.e. autoconf), using the SDL (and SDL_net, et al) frameworks
installed on my system. I’d like to be able to easily compile any SDL
app I come across, without needing to create Xcode/Project Builder
projects for it first.

To build an SDL application on OS X, one needs both SDL.framework and
libSDLmain.a. As far as I can tell, the libSDLmain.a library cannot
live inside SDL.framework, so it must be installed into /usr/lib or
/usr/local/lib. It would then need sdl-config --libs to point to that

SDL.framework can live in a various places, and be moved after
installation, so sdl-config doesn’t have any hope of knowing where it
is exactly. But there are a few standard locations:
sdl-config could simply test each location in order and return what it
finds (e.g. “-I/Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework/Headers” for

I think that no matter what sdl-config is needed, because it seems to
be the official way of building an SDL app (used in the sdl.m4 autoconf
script, for example).