OS X OpenGL fullscreen bug with less than millions of colors

I think I found a bug with OpenGL fullscreen mode with
SDL in OS X. I accidentally stumbled upon this. Some
how my display settings got mysteriously changed to
"Thousands of colors" from “Millions of Colors”.

After this happened, SDL fullscreen apps using OpenGL
started to fail on load. Windowed mode would work, but
fullscreen would fail.

Testing with GLTron, I checked my console.log and saw
the error message:
[system] Couldn’t set GL mode: Error setting OpenGL
fullscreen: invalid drawable

(I also saw a lot of buffer underrun statements but I
don’t think they’re related.)

At 256 colors and Thousands of Colors, I seemed to get
the problem. Screen resolution didn’t seem to matter.
At millions of colors, everything works fine.

Actually, I’m not sure if it only affects OpenGL
fullscreen or if 2D mode is also affected. I didn’t
have a fullscreen 2D program to test with.)

Anyway, I thought I would report this because it took
me a really long time to figure this out since it
wasn’t totally obvious to me what had changed on my
system. This might save some other people some
headaches until the bug is fixed.

Tested on OS X Panther 10.3.4 (and a few 10.3.5) on a
G4 Cube w/ Geforce 2MX, a G4 Powerbook Rev C, and
2,0Ghz PowerMacs.