[OS X SDL 1.2.9] Carbon Based Modal Dialog Inside SDL Main Message Loop?

I’ve seen a great many emails in the archive about displaying a dialog box
inside the main message queue, but haven’t found something to help me. I’m
using something like:

616 // Show Dialog and Run in Modal State 617 err =
RepositionWindow(eventData.refWindow, NULL,
kWindowCenterOnMainScreen); 618 ShowWindow(eventData.refWindow);
619 BringToFront(eventData.refWindow); 620 err =
ActivateWindow(eventData.refWindow,true); 621 err =

For some reason the dialog never gets focus, nor are any events ever handed
to it. Is it the combination of Cocoa and Carbon Event models? I can give
more details if someone thinks they’ve got a lead, but I’m pretty stumped.
It’s used during debug builds to handle assert errors.

Thanks for any info.