[OT] Frame rates and human eyes (was Re: Increasing an SDL application's priority)

Also, at refresh rates below some 100 Hz, the eye can easily tell 100 Hz
"double flash" scrolling (ie 50 fps on a 100 Hz display) from 50 Hz full
frame rate scrolling. The former “vibrates” slightly, while the latter
appears absolutely smooth
Yes, but a constant frame rate of 60 fps on a 60 Hz display still looks
smoother than 60 fps on a 120 Hz display.

How is throwing frames at frequency X not the same as throwing doubled
frames at frequency 2X (or throwing frames every two refreshes at frequency
X)? If your timing is correct, you should see the same thing, shouldn’t

I think I’ll write a program to test this out. Since we’re getting way
off-topic, e-mail me if you want to participate in an off-line conversation.–

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