[OT] Goodbye!

Having recently started a PhD (as my newly transformed signature
suggests :slight_smile: ) I find I have less time on my hands. One thing that
drains a lot of my time is reading through the amount of e-mail I get,
largely related to the fact I signed up to too many mailing lists…

Unfortunately, the SDL list is one that I’m leaving to free up some
time. But, I didn’t want to go without saying goodbye, as I’ve learnt
a lot of stuff from this list, especially from the likes of David
Olofson and Bob Pendelton, to whom I specifically wanted to say thanks
(especially for Kobo Deluxe David!)

Good luck to Sam and the team with the 1.3 branch, and the future 2.0,
I’m looking forward to it immensely. I’ll be sure to keep spreading
the word about SDL as I go through my postgraduate studies, I’m sure
there are plenty who could use it.

Thanks again.


Paul Smith
Postgraduate Student
Department of Mathematics
School of Engineering, Computer Science,
and Mathematics
University of Exeter

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