OT, Graphic Resources?

This is a little off topic (sorry).

Does anyone know of anywhere that offers game graphics? I know that’s
quite a wide question because it all depends on the game, but basically
I’m a coder - not an artist, and seeing my own poorly drawn gfx whooshing
around the screen gets a bit depressing (I’ve even dropped projects because
I can’t do the gfx and it got too depressing).

Alternativly any tools for ripping gfx out of memory from games (PC)? I’d
use their gfx as placeholders for my own until the project pans out.
There used to be a whole slew of them for the amiga, but i can’t locate
any gfx type rippers for the PC (maybe coz gfx representation is very
varied on PC’s?), anyone know of any?

I don’t really want to team up with a gfx’er because the project may come
to nothing and I don’t want to waste their time.

What am I doing? I’m a big fan of Fallout and Fallout 2 (for those
who don’t know it’s a sci-fi rpg, isometric view, turn based combat -
excellent rpg system), but Fallout 3 may not be out till 2002. I’m not so
hot on story creation but I thought I could put together a cross platform
engine in a similar style to the FO one and give it to creative people
to build into something. Cross platform is a huge plus.

A little more on topic, I think SDL is great. I’ve been looking for
a cross platform library of this nature for a while. It’s got a small
and clean API, is well focused and low-level. Perfect for my needs :slight_smile: