OT: Legal issues again

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From: Aurelien Marchand [mailto:aurelien.marchand@researchcapital.com]

Hi all,
suddently I had a flash today: SDL is under the GPL or the LGPL licence
and the games like Heroes III, Civilization III etc etc developed by Loki
are done with SDL right?
So according to the licence we should be able to access the source code for
this programs… right?
So, the big question: Can I receive the source code for some of those
games? and who and where should I ask?

Basically, it’s LGPL, which means that if they change SDL they need to give
you access to the sourcecode of their version of SDL. Because their
applications are linked dynamically to SDL, they don’t need to give you the
sourcecode of the games themselves.

Aur?lien Marchand,