[OT] - "LettersFall 110%™" - Valve's Steam Release!


My team just signed the paperwork to be a Valve Steam game developer!

We will be releasing our educational word spelling game called: “LettersFall 110%™” in about a month or so.
Game will be open-source and will cost 99 cents in the Steam store.

Over the next few weeks we will be tweaking, testing, and improving the game before official release.
We were hoping some people in the SDL community could play the current stable version?

If you would like to help test and shape the game now then read below…
Many thanks in advance!

Jesse “JeZxLee”

HTML5 Internet version which runs in any P.C. desktop/laptop Internet browser is at below URL link:

Hi Again,

Game is close to finished…

We were hoping someone can test the HTML5 version on M1 Mac Safari browser?

You can play the HTML5 version below:

Just need a quick test…
Thanks in advance!


It works, but it’s very slow. Maybe 30% as fast as Chrome.

Ugg… well thanks for the test.

We will ask for help in the official AppGameKit forums…

Thanks again!



“LettersFall 110%” successfully submitted to Valve for publishing on Steam game client for Windows(R)…


We did it…
…thanks to everyone who helped!