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I have been writing games since 1982, i started on the good old C64 (6502),
them progressed to the Amiga (68000), then the consoles, i spent a while at
doing some PlayStation stuff Psygnosis as it was becoming Sony. I am
assuming that the reasons that i stick to my method of pre allocation is
because all my code was in Assember in the old days and there was no such
thing as OO programming. But now i do c/c++ for the PC and i stick to my old
and trusted methods. Here is the list for those who are interested.

All titles marked © are original titles and all others are ports /
conversions from other formats

Scorpius © C64)
The Happiest Days of your life (c64)
Street Warriors © (c64)
McDonald’s Land (c64)
Super Robin Hood (c64)
Bounce’n © (c64)
Bushido Warrior © (c64)
Skateboard Joust (C64)
Autotest © (C64)
GI Hero (C64)

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (amiga/ST)
The Captain’s Dead © (Amiga/ST)
Magicians Castle © (Amiga/ST)
Apocalypse © (Amiga)
Super Methane Bros © (Amiga)
Traitor © (amiga)
Death Mask © (amiga)
Zyconix (Amiga) ©

Sensible Soccer (CD32)

Marsupilami (Megadrive)
Terminator 2 (MegaDrive)
Jellyboy (Megadrive)
Clay Fighters 2 (megadrive)
Xenon 2 (megadrive)

Plus a few projects that were canned by bad management at large companies

Monkey Madness © (PC) using SDL

I now have a distribution agreement with Oberon Media who distribute
anything of any quality that i make to 152 websites like MSN Yahoo and the
like. While i am on the subject, I have been watching the list for a while
now and i notice that a fair few of you make remakes of game or blatant
copy’s of other games, now while this is all good for learning programming
and getting finished games done. there is a HUGE market in new games for
download at $20 or there abouts through companies like Oberon media. you do
nothing more than write the game and send it to them check it for
compatibility and bugs, then distribute for you. you end up with $4.00 -
$5.00 a copy sold and they hit the market big time over 300,000 downloads
in the first month, now i never expect to get 300,000 * $5.00 or i would be
on a beach in Thailand now. but on a good selling game i should expect to
get 5-8% sales which could be something like 15,000 * $4.00.

But with everything there is a catch, the catch is to hit high sales it has
to be a game for ladies 35+, but as soon as you find the formulae for that

So in conclusion if your doing this for fun, great, that’s how i started,
and if you want to make money, take it seriously and do some research find
what sells (match 3, marjong, find a shape in a picture etc…)

Trish (www.unboxedgames.com)