[OT or not OT?] Concerning GL tutorial

Thanks for your help. I altered the Makefile according to another list
member and it compiled fine. How do I incorporate Glide into this to get
faster speeds? It’s real slow, and I’m running an AMD K6-2 550 cpu
w/128Mb ram and Voodoo3. I know it’s just a basic tutorial piece - if
you could point me in the appropriate direction I’d appreciate it. Then
I need to learn how SDL works with GL.

Additionally, are our friends at Loki planning on porting Starcraft? I
saw if for the first time on a friend’s computer (yeah, I live in a
cave) and now know what all the hubbubb is all about…

Sam Lantinga wrote:>

I’m trying to make lesson 10, and it’s complaining that the gl header
files can’t be found. I hardcoded one and it found the file, but the
headers within the one .h file couldn’t find the others. Is there an
entry to /etc/profile that I should make? I’ve never had this problem
before with Mesa - this particular version is the Mesa3Dfx - perhaps a
bug in the env configuration settings?

Are you having trouble with the other tutorials as well?

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software