(OT) Re: Trig problem

Man! And I thought the emphasis was on the role playing!!!

I know this is OT, sorry, but would anyone like to help me find out how to get the source code for
Dungeon Master and doing a new SDLed version?

Private mails please :slight_smile:


Sam Lantinga wrote:> > Now I’ve never seen a sail boat,Since you are taking the wind component perpendicular to the

boat,Does that mean a boat that is along the direction of the wind will not move???

Yup! That’s why boats heading into the wind weave back and forth in a
pattern called “tacking”

P.S. My sailing knowledge dates back to sailing classes when I was
young, so no doubt it’s simplified and possibly mis-remembered. :slight_smile:

Last post, promise! :slight_smile:

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