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First off, in reply to M.A. Oude Kotte, I’d like to say that, while this is
primarily a list filled with people that can read and write in English,
there are still many people here who, either as thier first language or
through schooling, can read/write in other languages. To that respect, you
should try to remember that SDL itself isn’t English-only (theres 10
translations of the “Introduction” page on the website alone), so why should
it’s mailing list be?

And, to Loren Osborn: My God, that’s the best translation I’ve ever seen
come out of BabelFish. Them folks over at SysTran must be doing some sort
of linguistic black-magic. I remember 4 or 5 years back when BF would only
do English<->Spanish, and even then half the time it would just throw in
semingly random words. (Ever play the game “Telephone” with BF?)

I do aggree, however, with the general concensus that auto-responders should
be configured to not respond to mailing lists. That’s just annoying. But,
most people don’t really know how to set them up to do so (or, even, can’t
do so at all); plus, it’s not like this issue comes up on this list very
often (first time I’ve seen it, atleast) – so it’s probably best to just
suck it up and ignore the messages for a week or two. Atleast they had the
common courtessy to switch to (or stay on) Digest mode, so we wouldn’t get
one for every single e-mail.

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From: linux_dr@yahoo.com (Loren Osborn)
Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: [SDL]

Umm… not that I trust Bablefish, but here’s what it
spits out.


I am on leave until January 5, 2003.

In the event of extreme urgency, please contact the
secretariat of the DSI or Jean Hentinger


Emmanuel incandela

— “M.A. Oude Kotte” wrote:

This is an English list buddy, please repost your
message in English :slight_smile:


Emmanuel Incandela wrote:


Je suis en cong?s jusqu’au 5 janvier 2003.

En cas d’extr?me urgence, veuillez contacter le
secr?tariat de la DSI ou Jean Hentinger


Emmanuel incandela

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