OTF values for a nearly-dynamic array

Not SDL related, but programming related, does anybody find a major problem with this? Besides the obvious stack space use and possible invalid parameter types being cast to T type…

	Creates an array of template type T of total size count, with count 
	being no greater than MARR_BUFFER_SIZE-1, then fills the array 
	values with the parameters given in the function parameter list.

#define MARR_BUFFER_SIZE 2048
template <class T>
T* marr(int count, ...) {
	static T _buf[MARR_BUFFER_SIZE];
	memset(_buf, 0, sizeof(T)*MARR_BUFFER_SIZE);
	va_list options;
	va_start(options, count);
	for(int i = 0; i < count; ++i)
		_buf[i] = va_arg(options,T);
	return _buf;

I forgot to add at the beginning of the function to cap the count to the define(d) size:

count = count >= MARR_BUFFER_SIZE ? MARR_BUFFER_SIZE : count;