Overlarge DeadZone on SDL1.3/2.0 Joystick

Hi all,
I’m moving some code over from Plib to SDL1.3/2.0 for the haptic support,
however I am seeing very large deadzones - which make it un-usable.

Working on Linux, jstest shows smooth movement at center but the (newly
fixed) testjoystick shows the deadzone, as does my code.

Is there something I’m missing, or should tweak to improve the situation?

Found a couple of solutions to the deadzone issue (which is down to the
Linux event subsystem)

1). use ‘export SDL_JOYSTICK_DEVICE=/dev/input/js0’, but then SDL doesn’t
present a haptic interface for that joystick

2). G25Manage, which tells the event interface that there is no deadzone.
./G25manage --deadzone=0 --evdev=/dev/input/event3


PS How come ‘SDL_HapticGetEffectStatus()’ is not supported on Linux, you
can’t tell whether you need to do a ‘update’ or ‘start’ ('stop/start’
causes a buzz if it is used continuously).