PacWars2 v1.2

[Sent on behalf of “Woid” ]

I want annonuce my opensource game PacWars2 which is using SDL 1.2.

PacWars2 is a free multiplayer internet arcade game. This game is inspired
by the old network game called PacWars (created by Iain Syme in 1990-91).
PW2 homepage can be found at


  • Windows, Linux, BeOS version
  • good graphics & sound fx
  • ParaGUI menu system
  • using the SeeR scripting engine for scripting maps
  • customizable maps, Mappy editor
  • client-server internet networking
  • open system for maps, scripts, sounds and game graphics
  • downloading and uploading game content during gameplay
  • Quake style console and variables
  • 3D sound (win)
  • standalone dedicated server (win)
  • SDL, SDL_net, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, SDL_image

Thanks for SDL
Antonin Hildebrand aka Woid
woid at