ParaGUI 0.5.2

Hi to all!

The weird guy from Austria finally made it.
I’m proud to announce the first ‘stable’ release of ParaGUI (Version

fixed autoconf/automake framework (thanks to Ray Kelm for his help)
added VisualC projectfiles
added binaries
minor api changes (see changelog)

HELP! I need contributors. I’m currently stuck in other commercial
projects which depend on ParaGUI and there is just time left to fix bugs
(Sorry, no time left for new features like Z-Order or shadows, …).
Please, if you are interested in contribution please subsribe to the
mailing list or contact me for CVS read/write access.

These binaries have been compiled under Mandrake 7.0 (see link above)
but should work on all compatible distibutions.
If you want to generate binaries for other distributions, platforms
(Win32, MacOS, …)
please feel free to contact me (mailto:pipelka at